Big L Rentals and Sales

Founded on a business that has been serving southwest Kansas with structural steel and trailer parts since 1947, Big L Rentals and Sales have developed into the expansive equipment rentals and services company they are now. While still providing the best quality steel and trailer parts (plus repairs) in the region, we saw the growth of many important industries in the region and evolved our business to appropriately support them.

The Team That Works When You Work

Jack Beery

Jack Beery has 22 years of experience in the equipment business giving him a wealth of knowledge to help tackle your toughest projects.

Ben Blood

Ben Blood has 8 years of experience in the rental business and 6 years in the steel business making him your best point of contact for any needs you may have.

Daniel Olivas

Daniel Olivas oversees our fleet maintenance. With over 15 years experience in industrial equipment, you can trust that our equipment will be up to the task every time.

Sean Shultz

Sean Shultz has run our steel shop for the last 3 years. He ensures every order you place will be handled accurately and timely.

Jerry Appel

Jerry Appel has been our go to trailer mechanic for the last 5 years. He has the experience to handle any trailer repair, no matter how large or small.

Dixie Beery and Vickye Phipps

Dixie Beery and Vickye Phipps have run our office together for over 20 years. They ensure billing is accurate every time and do an excellent job of keeping everything the team does in order.

Scooter Sanchez

Scooter Sanchez is our resident Olde English Bulldogge as well as our head of customer relations.

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